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General Dentistry

Complete Care for Oral Health: Cleanings, Check-Ups, and Preventive Treatments

Cosmetic Dentistry

Enhance Your Smile: Whitening, Veneers, and Aesthetic Improvements

Restorative Dentistry

Rebuilding Your Smile: Fillings, Crowns, Bridges, and Implants

Emergency Dentistry

Urgent Dental Solutions: Quick Response for Broken Teeth & More

Worry-Free Dentistry

Palm Bluff Dentistry: Fresno's Premier Destination for Dental Implants

At Palm Bluff Dentistry, situated in the heart of Fresno, CA, we specialize in transforming smiles with high-quality Dental Implants. Our team, led by the experienced Dr. Claypool, is dedicated to providing implants that not only look natural but also function flawlessly. We use the latest in dental technology to ensure a precise fit and a comfortable experience. Our patients leave with more than just a restored smile; they leave with a boost in confidence and oral health. Choose Palm Bluff Dentistry for a dental implant journey that’s as rewarding as the results.

Stress-Free Visits with Oral Sedation in Fresno
Experience relaxed dental care at Palm Bluff Dentistry in Fresno, CA. Our Oral Sedation options, supervised by Dr. Claypool, ensure a calm and comfortable treatment experience, even for the most anxious patients.
Ease Your Dental Anxiety in Fresno with Oral Sedation
At Palm Bluff Dentistry, Fresno, we understand dental visits can be daunting. That's why Dr. Claypool offers Oral Sedation to make your experience worry-free and comfortable, from routine checkups to complex procedures.
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Fresno's Haven for Anxiety-Free Dental Care: Oral Sedation at Palm Bluff

Palm Bluff Dentistry in Fresno, CA, provides a comforting solution for those who dread dental visits. Our Oral Sedation methods, expertly administered under the watchful eye of Dr. Claypool, are designed to alleviate anxiety and discomfort. We prioritize your mental well-being as much as your dental health, ensuring a serene and pain-free experience. Whether it’s a simple cleaning or a more intricate procedure, our sedation options are tailored to your needs, making dental care accessible and stress-free. Trust us to transform your dental visits into a peaceful journey towards a healthier smile.

Oral Sedation in Fresno

At Palm Bluff Dentistry in Fresno, CA, we’re revolutionizing the dental visit with our advanced Oral Sedation techniques. Say goodbye to dental fears and hello to a soothing, pain-free experience.

Tailored Sedation Plans:

Our Oral Sedation options are customized to match your individual needs and anxiety levels, ensuring a perfectly balanced and comfortable experience.

Ideal for Various Dental Procedures:

Whether you're in for a routine cleaning or a more complex dental procedure, Oral Sedation is available to make your experience relaxing and pain-free.

Experienced Professional Care:

Under the expert guidance of Dr. Claypool, sedation is administered safely, making your health and comfort our top priority.

Comprehensive Patient Education:

We believe in informed choices. Our team provides thorough guidance on what to expect before, during, and after sedation, ensuring you feel confident and prepared.

Don't let dental anxiety hold you back. Contact Palm Bluff Dentistry today to learn more about our Oral Sedation options and schedule your stress-free dental appointment. Your journey towards a comfortable and anxiety-free dental experience begins here.

Step Inside Palm Bluff Dentistry

Welcome to a glimpse of Palm Bluff Dentistry in Fresno, CA, where comfort meets modern dentistry.

Fresno's Choice for Compassionate Care.

At Palm Bluff Dentistry in Fresno, CA, we extend a warm welcome to every member of our Fresno community. Our doors are open to everyone seeking quality dental care, delivered with compassion and professionalism. We take pride in serving our diverse community, offering a range of dental services tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of each individual. Join us at Palm Bluff Dentistry in Fresno, CA, where your dental health is our top priority and where every patient is treated like a valued member of our community family.

Embrace the Palm Bluff Difference

Join a dental care experience where community and quality converge. At Palm Bluff Dentistry in Fresno, CA, we're not just about smiles; we're about the people behind them. Our commitment to top-notch dental services is paralleled only by our dedication to the Fresno community. Experience the difference where your dental health is our mission.

Caring for Fresno, One Smile at a Time

Palm Bluff Dentistry in Fresno, CA is more than a dental office - it's a community cornerstone. We take pride in caring for the smiles of Fresno, providing personalized and compassionate dental services for every resident. Step into a place where your smile contributes to the vibrancy of our community. Let's keep Fresno smiling together.

Dental Care For Your Family

We understand the diverse needs of a household and offer customized care that ensures everyone maintains optimal oral health. Trust us to be your family's partner in achieving and sustaining bright, healthy smiles.

Crafting Smiles with Mastery and Care. Our Dental Services:

From Routine Care to Advanced Treatments: Your Smile Is Our Art

General Dentistry

Foundation of Oral Health: Our general dentistry services ensure your teeth and gums remain healthy with regular cleanings, precise digital X-rays, and comprehensive care for gum disease and other common dental issues.

Restorative Dentistry

Restore and Revitalize: From simple fillings to complex bridges and crowns, our restorative dentistry services are designed to repair and renew your dental health, using advanced techniques for long-lasting results.

Emergency Dentistry

Immediate Care When You Need It: Emergency dentistry services are here for urgent dental concerns. We provide rapid and compassionate care for extractions, root canals, and any dental emergency that requires prompt attention.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile with Confidence: Enhance the beauty of your smile with our range of cosmetic treatments, including professional teeth whitening and custom veneers.


Soothe Your Nerves at Palm Bluff Dentistry: Our Sedation Dentistry provides a comfortable, anxiety-free experience for dental procedures. Rely on Dr. Claypool's expertise for a serene and stress-free visit, ensuring your dental care is not just effective, but also relaxing.

Advanced Dental Treatments

Innovative Solutions for Complex Needs: Our advanced dental treatments, including oral and maxillofacial surgery, periodontal therapy, and laser dentistry, cater to specialized dental conditions with precision and care.

Palm Bluff Dentistry
Where Care Climbs to New Peaks

Where every patient is family – experience a dental visit that’s tailored to you, with a team that listens and a doctor who cares.

The dentist behind palm bluff

The Dentist Behind Palm Bluff Dentistry

Leading the team at Palm Bluff Dentistry in Fresno, CA, Dr. Robert Claypool is known for his exceptional blend of dental expertise and a deeply caring approach. His career in dentistry is marked by a commitment to providing personalized, patient-focused care, underpinned by his extensive knowledge and experience in the field.

Dr. Claypool’s approachable demeanor and understanding nature make him popular among patients. He specializes in crafting individualized treatment plans, ensuring that each patient’s unique dental needs and goals are met with precision and care.

Staying current with the latest advancements in dental care is a priority for Dr. Claypool, who actively participates in various dental associations. This commitment to ongoing professional development allow him to bring advanced and effective dental solutions to his patients.

Outside of his professional role, Dr. Claypool is an active participant in community health initiatives, emphasizing his dedication to overall wellness and preventive care.

At Palm Bluff Dentistry in Fresno, CA, Dr. Claypool’s leadership and passion for dentistry contribute significantly to a welcoming and professional environment, making every patient’s visit a comfortable and reassuring experience.

Expert treatment

Experience A Healthier Smile

Implant Options

Revitalize Your Smile with Advanced Implant Solutions

Discover lasting solutions with our Dental Implant Options at Palm Bluff Dentistry in Fresno, CA. From single tooth replacement to full arch restoration, we offer advanced implant technology to restore functionality and aesthetics to your smile.
Worry Free Dentistry

Relax with Our Gentle, Patient-First Approach

Experience stress-free dental visits with Palm Bluff Dentistry in Fresno, CA's Worry-Free Dentistry. Our patient-centered approach, gentle techniques, and sedation options ensure a comfortable and calming experience for all your dental needs.

Expertly Extract and Restore Your Smile with Confidence

Regain Your Comfort with Palm Bluff's Tooth Extraction Services. Our tailored approach ensures a safe, effective procedure with minimal discomfort, helping you quickly return to optimal dental health.
Dental Technology

Embracing Innovation for Enhanced Dental Care

At Palm Bluff Dentistry in Fresno, CA, cutting-edge Dental Technology meets compassionate care. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to enhance diagnosis, treatment precision, and patient comfort in all our dental services.
Cosmetic Dentistry

Crafting Beautiful Smiles with Artistic Precision

Transform your smile with Palm Bluff Dentistry in Fresno, CA's Cosmetic Dentistry. From teeth whitening to veneers, our cosmetic treatments are designed to enhance the beauty of your smile with long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing results.
Preventive Dentistry

Proactive Care for Lifelong Dental Health

Preventive Dentistry at Palm Bluff focuses on keeping your smile healthy and bright. Regular check-ups, cleanings, and personalized oral hygiene advice form the cornerstone of our approach to help you maintain optimal dental health.

Your Neighbors Love Palm Bluff Dentistry

Nothing speaks louder about our commitment to exceptional dental care than the words of our valued patients. In this section, we proudly feature real reviews from people just like you who have experienced the transformative care at Palm Bluff Dentistry. Read their stories and see for yourself why our patients trust us with their smiles and keep coming back for our personalized, quality care.

Yosimi SantoyoYosimi Santoyo
20:44 09 Jul 20
Dr. Claypool and his team are amazing! I would definitely recommend them.
Monica MartinezMonica Martinez
00:23 27 Dec 19
00:26 06 Aug 18
Jesus AguirreJesus Aguirre
06:26 22 Feb 17
I've had a serious fear of dentists for years. With major damage done to my 2 front teeth since I was a young child I hated all the things I knew I was gonna need. Dr Claypool and his staff are PROFESSIONALS!!! They are kind honest and so helpful. They transformed my smile in about 4 visits and it was so worth it! I'll never recommend any other dds!!!
Kim BolteKim Bolte
22:12 17 Jul 16
After I lost a tooth, my sister recommended Dr. Claypool. I was given an appointment the next day. Holly, at the front desk, made me feel comfortable and welcomed. The entire staff is great and and put to rest any anxiety I was feeling about having dental work done.Dr. Claypool was friendly, informative and involved me in the process. He offered several options to correct the gaping hole in my (grill) :-D. I chose to go the implant route. I couldn't be happier with the process or the wonderful outcome.I've recommended Dr. Claypool to friends and they are as impressed with him and the results he delivered as I am. I feel comfortable recommending Dr. Claypool to you, he does awesome work!
Edith ZarateEdith Zarate
21:36 02 Jun 16
Dr. Claypool and the entire staff are fanstatic! They are super friendly, always try and accomadate my schedule and they really care! Im so glad that I was referred to them.
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